Golightly is a premium consignment store for women located in Mount Eliza, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. We promote sustainability by locating genuine quality designer pieces by Local and International Brands and re-sell them so that they can continue to be loved, cherished and used. 

Founded and operated by Emma Nosiara and Sally Williams, who opened the store with a vision to make designer pieces accessible and create a community that appreciates style and our planet simultaneously.  

For the consignor, Golightly offers a comprehensive end to end tailored service. Your items are carefully selected and authenticated, photographed and listed for sale online whilst also being available for viewing and sale in our store. If you have designer pieces that you’re ready to part with please contact us at:

Email:  Call on: 0417 501 565


How it all works?

Golightly carefully select preloved mid to high end pieces in excellent condition. 

Items should be no older than 2-3 seasons unless it is an exclusive or vintage piece.

All items must be cleaned prior to drop off, with no signs of damage or defaults. Original packaging such as dustbags and/or shoeboxes, cases should be included with your accessories. Swing tags for unworn items will maximise your return.

Golightly must have exclusivity of your item/s for the duration of the consignment period. ie your item cannot be listed on eBay etc. while consigned with us.

If you would like to move forward, please send us images of your items via Instagram @golightlyonline or email Alternatively, you can book an appointment and visit us in-store.

Please note: As a guide, resale prices are approx. 40%-60% of original price, depending on condition.



Our fee depends on the sale price of your items. You can view a breakdown of these fees below:

60% - for all items under $100

50% - for all items over $100

40% - for all items over $1000


What does that include?

The full service:

Price all items based on extensive market research. Each item is assessed and priced according to condition, how current and secondary market value.

Take images of each item, styled in our own way and edited to showcase your pieces in the best light.

Sell items through our highly active database online and in-store customers

Offer around the clock customer service to assist with any queries customers may have around sizing, styling and condition.

Process all sales, payments and shipments to customers.

After 6 weeks any un-sold items will be returned or donated to a chosen charity, depending on the consignors preference.

Any follow up with customer payments and shipments after the sale.


When/how do I get paid?

Consignors are paid on a 4 week cycle via direct deposit.

Where are we based?

66 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza, Victoria